Theta Waves

Theta, the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet, which is associated with God (Theos) and man’s divine (theiki) substance.

The Theta brain waves are the state of deep relaxation and it is in this state that we can gain easy, safe and quick access to our subconscious and develop our intuitive skills.

We should simply take into consideration the fact that 90% of our beliefs work through our subconscious, and we shall realize that it is our subconscious that ultimately controls and shapes our lives.

There is now scientific evidence that when our brain is in the “Theta” state, the conditions are such that enable us to manifest all that we desire and momentarily change reality .

By working on Theta brain waves we succeed in:

  • Gradually reducing and ultimately eliminating stress and anxiety.
  • Overcoming emotional conditions, such as phobias, low self–esteem, obsessions, etc.
  • Reaching deep relaxation and clarity of mind.
  • Improving verbal skills and IQ results.
  • Promoting better coordination between the two hemispheres of the brain.
  • Developing a more creative way of thinking.
  • Reducing pain, increasing feelings of euphoria, invigorating our bodies and releasing endorphins.
  • Establishing better relationships with those around us (on romantic, professional, social, or friendly level).
  • Attracting financial prosperity, better money management.
  • Receiving support in our professional life (achieving goals, collaborating with coworkers, starting a new business).
  • Battling addictions (smoking, alcohol, drug abuse etc).
  • Improving our health.
  • Achieving ideal body weight.

Theta Healing is a healing technique that explores and changes human beliefs, aiming at one’s life improvement, prosperity and happiness.

The technique was conceived by the well known today Vianna Stibal, who achieved what at first seemed to be impossible: not only did she heal herself from cancer but she also overcame the psychological wounds of the deeply abusing relationships of her past. Ever since she enjoys a prosperous life and has dedicated her life and work to the spreading of this knowledge, which is today a complete healing method that can be applied as well as taught.

The name of the Theta Healing derives from the well known theta brain waves, which is the state of our brain when experiencing deep relaxation. The ThetaHealer enters the theta waves state after a certain short meditation at the beginning of each session. Following a simple question-and-answer sequence you will be led to realize your deeper beliefs, which can be altered if you decide that  they don’t serve you anymore.

We should note here that the ThetaHealer is never entitled to intervene in anyone’s belief system in any way without the expressed consent to do so.

What differentiates Theta Healing from the other energy healing techniques is its simplicity but at the same time its effectiveness. The question-and-answer procedure between the ThetaHealer and you is quick and goes straight to the core of the subject, so that you can observe measurable progress, even after a single session.

This method is equally effective when sessions take place remotely, via a simple telephone call for example. The multiple benefits are exactly the same as those after a face-to-face session.

Moreover there’s a series of other possible applications of Theta Healing with impressive results, like for example communicating with entities from other planes of existence, certain future predictions, communicating with a fetus or with animals.

You don’t need to have any kind of prior knowledge or preparation for each session.

It’s therefore no wonder that Theta Healing has made such a great progress in the last few years and has become a substantial part of so many people’s life all over the world!

In the last few years it’s spread widely in Greece too, where it’s being applied as well as taught and helps people find the happiness that all human beings deserve!